Rules for Fishing With Us

In order to maintain the welfare of the fish and the satisfaction of the Anglers, we have some rules and regulations that must be followed by everyone who fishes with us at all times.

  • All fishermen must have suitable equipment for intended fishing
  • No unaccompanied juniors under 16 years of age
  • No juniors on the specimen lake without prior approval
  • Landing nets to be used at all times
  • Micro or barbless hooks only
  • “Suitable” un-hooking mates to be used at all times. If unsure, please ask staff.
  • Only particles and pallets supplied by us to be used on site
  • No braided main lines. No bolt rigs. No dead rigs. No treble hooks (unless pike fishing)
  • No fish to be sacked or removed

Rules of the grounds

Please shut all gates behind you and remove all of your rubbish from the site.

For your own health and safety, please take care and behave responsibly on site, especially around the lakes and swims, which can be muddy at times.

Bailiffs instructions to be followed at all times.

Vehicles and content to be left on site at their owners risk.

We reservce the right to refuse admission at all times. Failure to comply with rules will lead to immediate suspension from the site.