The Lakes

Specimen Carp Lake

Our four year restocking programme has resulted in a well stocked specimen carp lake. Stocked with carp up to 35lbs plus, tench 10 1/2lb plus, pike 20lb plus and catfish up to 35lb plus. There are 16 swims on the lake. Please note that juniors are not allowed on the specimen lake without prior approval from staff. All anglers are expected to have a fishing licence, and all appropriate equipment for their type of fishing. Mandatory items are a correct sized unhooking mat, landing net and carp care medication ie clinic.

Bottom Lake

This course fishing lake is heavily stocked with carp, roach, rudd and tench.
Bottom Lake, Hintlesham Fisheries, Ipswich, Suffolk

Match Lake

This lake has been purposely designed for match fishing and has 30pegs.

The lake is heavily stocked with Crucian carp, Commons, Mirrors, F1s, Tench, Bream, Rudd, Roach, skimmers and Perch.

Matches are an organised feature of the fishery – look out for information on our Facebook Page and on site. This lake can also be rented solely for private hire by local clubs, groups and for corporate events. Please see staff for details.

Hilltop Lake

The Hill Top Lake is a great pleasure fishing lake as it is heavily stocked with carp up to 20lb plus and tench up to 7lb. This lake is great for beginners and shorter sessions.
Hill Top Lake, Hintlesham Fisheries, Ipswich, Suffolk